Electroculture Tomato Growers Achieve Gains of Over 50%

Electrified Tomatoes Achieve 50% Gains! Weber Pharis

Weber and Lang are a father and son duo who are obsessed with electroculture almost as much as I am. In this brief post, I’d like to share with you some of the amazing gains that these guys achieved by simply applying 5 Volts to a number of tomato plants grown in 5 gallon buckets…

In preparation for science fair season. Lang and his dad got in touch with me to get advice on running some electro-horticulture experiments. They found that by growing tomato plants in a drought-resistant grow system called a sub-irrigation planter (SIP) they didn’t have to worry about watering as much, since it became something they just needed to do every few days rather than daily.

These guys have done a great job with their experiments… Over 2-3 seasons they have consistently achieved yield gains of over 50% by weight.  This was accomplished using pulsed electroculture at a voltage of about 3.7 Volts.  Similar results can be seen by looking at how well my friend Bill did in his electrified home garden. If you take a look at the pictures below, you’ll also see that the plants themselves tend to grow faster as well.



As a result of their experiments, Lang has placed in the top-3 in two state science fair competitions.

Nowadays, they’re looking into using clones to keep the genetic variability between samples as close as possible, allowing them to fine-tune the process.