Research in Pictures: Rapid Seedling Growth Using Electricity

Electroculture research photos
T. Takamura

(Originally published in November, 2013)

So you may have been wondering, what real scientific research has been going on with respect to electroculture… right?  I had the same thoughts when I first set out on this journey, too.  In today’s picture post,  I’m going to share with you a couple pictures from a research article by Tsutomu Takamura.

Here is a picture of an experiment showing some urad bean (Vigna mungo (L.)) seedlings:

Electroculture applied to black gram seeds

Electroculture applies to dicots

And here is another one with monocot seedlings, Zea Mays:

Enhanced root mass from electroculture on Zea Mays
Enhanced root mass from electroculture on Zea Mays

 The image above shows 180 hour-old Zea Mays seedlings. The one on the right is electrified with 3.5 volts. Source: http://goo.gl/ceq7A2

To learn more about fascinating experiments performed on plants to not only see the effects on growth rate, check out the article “Electrochemical Potential Around the Plant Root in Relation to Metabolism and Growth Acceleration” by Tsutomu Takamura.