Try Guerilla Gardening on Steroids with ElectroPermaculture

This story topic just popped up into my head based on some recent discussions we've been having about getting some paw paw fruits.  We know that paw paw trees tend to grow along damp areas adjacent to waterways, and across the street from the end of our road is a stream surrounded by natural rock formations, walking paths, and it's just a very serene place to play near the waters' edge.  

So the thought recently came to us that we should make an effort to plant a bunch of fruit-bearing trees in that area, guerilla gardening style.  We thought it would be fun project for the kids and adults alike in our pod to introduce some fruits into the public landscape for everyone to enjoy.  Now while that's great and all, sometimes there are nature groups that come in to do some weeding.  We don't want anyone to come and remove our fresh new fruit trees, so ideally we would mark the plants with something - so they can be recognized as desirable plants - but what if we took things a step farther...

What if we can both provide a visible plant marker, but at the same time introduce a technology improve the plant's ability to survive while also accelerating its ability to grow!?!  

Enter the world of electropermaculture... an amalgam between the science of electroculture and the field of permaculture.  For those not in the know, electroculture is the science of improving crop growth using electric fields.  In fact, it's meaning has grown to include other forms of energy including magnetic fields (which sometimes goes by magnetoculture), and subtle energies as well.  Permaculture is ____.

In combination, we are left with a wide array of growth techniques that can vastly improve crop growth but done so using simple, appropriate, sustainable technologies.  Electropermaculture devices tend to be very simplistic in nature such that almost anyone can create them.