A Primer on Energetic Agriculture

The Techniques of Energetic Agriculture:  Electricity, Magnetism, Geobiol
The Techniques of Energetic Agriculture David Wechsler / ElectricFertilizer.com

Welcome to the amazing world of Energetic Agriculture, where you, soon enough, will join the ranks of other energetic growers around the world in discovering the amazing things that can be accomplished with electricity, magnetism, and beyond! Read on...

Plants are amazing pieces are biology that are capable of producing so much... from food and medicines, to fuel and fibers and more.  Improving plant growth has been an age-old endeavor, and in our modern age, for the most part, it has consisted of the addition of chemical inputs to the soil.  As the world we know it has evolved over the last half-century or so, the migration away from chemical based fertilizers has grown in importance, as has the importance and spread of more natural forms of growing including organic, biologic, and biodynamic forms of agriculture where there is a focus on the use of all-natural growth products. 

It's at this time that I'd like to introduce you to the ever-growing world of energetic agriculture!

Energetic Agriculture is a blanket term that encompasses the use of many forms of nature-based technologies for the purpose of improving crop growth.  Here's a basic listing of many of the approaches that are available under the energetic agriculture umbrella.

  • Electroculture, also known as electrohorticulture or cosmoculture
  • Magnetoculture
  • Sound-wave stimulation
  • Geomancy and geo-accupuncture
  • Plant energy psychology
  • Conscious intent & intent-charged objects
  • Orgone & orgonite
  • Pyramid energy
  • Sacred geometry
  • Energy balancing
  • Water energizing
  • And more!

Paramagnetic basalt cement cones or towers. Made of a mixture of basalt cement or basalt lime. Basalt, a type of volcanic rock, has paramagnetic properties that cause it to be affected by local magnetic field variations.  When buried near or under trees, plants, or placed into towers, it helps with the enhancement of plant growth.

Paramagnetic round towers.  These, inspired by Irish round towers built with various types of paramagnetic rock & stone, concentrate natural magnetic fields and pick-up natural Ultra-Low Frequency radio waves, like Schumann resonance waves.

Atmospheric charge collectors.  Many old-school designs, including the most famous Christofleau antenna. Collects atmospheric charge potentials and drives them into the soil.  The Christofleau approach includes other forms of energy harvesting too in a single system.

Antenna systems. Various forms exist, most famous nowadays are the "Ighina" style conical spiral antennas.  These collect radio wave energies so they can be directed into plants and soil.

DC Electroculture. Uses direct-current electric fields to stimulate plant and soil systems.  Various voltages, waveforms and frequencies can be used, from a variety of electrical sources ranging from batteries, to generators, to atmospheric charge collectors.

AC Electroculture. Uses alternating-current electric fields to stimulate plant and soil systems.

HV Electroculture.  Uses high-voltage electrostatics to stimulate plant & soil life.

Structured Water. Water structuring devices "structure" or change various aspects of water according to the forms that they flow through.  Water can be structured in many different ways, and plants respond to them

Electric & Magnetic Eater Energization.  Similar to structured water effects, many kinds exist, and can be applied to irrigation or pumped water supplies.  Numerous effects like softening, and scale reduction improves the availability and absorption of fertilizers & nutrients. Improving rooting and growth.

Pyramids. Made of various materials from copper to wood.  Energizes seeds and seedlings, plants and more.  

Orgone & Orgonite. Beneficial energies created by the layering of organic and inorganic materials.  Can produce profound energy fields that can be sensed with your hands.    

Geomancy. The study of various forms of Earth & plant-based energy phenomena and their effect on growing conditions.  Relates to things like Earth Grids and Ley lines.  Through various techniques like energy balancing and geoaccupuncture, like those used in people, energetic balances can be corrected.  There is a lot to this - it's one of the major linking aspects between consciousness, subtle energy fields, and all of life.  

Energizing Oscillating Circuits.  Simple, passive low-tech circuits that create dynamic magnetic fields that impact growth.

Sound & Music Stimulation. The use of sound based frequencies to improve plant growth and other functions.

Prayer / Chi / Prana. Research shows the use of conscious intent can have beneficial effects on plant life, increasing biomass and yield.

Radionics. The use of "scalar"-wave human-in-the-loop intention-based devices to influence the "field" surrounding plants, soil, and so on.

As you can see here, there are a TON of fascinating sources of "energy" that can be applied within the domain of growing plants.  And this isn't everything, there's more categories, and lots of details within each and every one of these.   

You can probably guess that energy exists in many different forms, by many different names, and exists all around us, within us - Everywhere!   I have been drawn towards the knowledge of the occult, the metaphysical, and the hard sciences all throughout my life, from adolescence to today.  We live in fascinating times where there is so much information available on all of these topics, and it's been my goal to learn, experiment and understand what these various forms of energy and their application is all about.  Now, I teach how we can use all of these various energies for the improvement of mankind - from the healing of our bodies, to the improvement of our crops and so on.

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In the meantime, I implore you to learn, experiment, and share your results!  Join the rest of the Energetic Grower community and have some fun!  Let me know if you have any questions by messaging me through the contact page on my website.  Enjoy!