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The Energetic Agriculture Podcast: Magnetics & Multidimensionality - First Thoughts

In this episode I share my struggle to understand how paramagnetic towers have such large range of influence - diving into my own spirituality, channellers, multi-dimensional aspects of biology and perhaps magnetism as well.  It's more exploration on the "woo" side of things as a potential answer to the unexplained benefits of these amazing energetic structures.  

Some topics we'll be covering:
 - Power Towers
 - Paramagnetism
 - Biofeedback & plant ESP
 - Subtle Energies
 - Brain Machines 
 - Biocircuits
 - Quantum biology / Quantum magnetics
 - Earth Grids
 - And more!

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Links of Interest


Power Towers
You can learn more about Power Towers from Alana Moore's excellent book on Plant-Spirit Gardening, and Phil Callahan's line of books too.  I'm a big fan of Alana's writings as they touch the spirtual side of my gardening interests.  Phil's works is interesting as well as he explains the scientific and historical build-up of interest in Ireland's round towers.  Check them out. 

If you're looking for a supplier of paramagnetic rocks like basalt or andesite, here are some suppliers.  Note:  levels of paramagnetic strength vary, so you may want to purchase small quantities at first to test them out.  I've used these vendors before and have been satisfied with my results, YMMV.

Biofeedback Devices
Galvanic Skin Response biofeedback devices are a low-cost easy-to-use approach to get into the world of human, and potentially - plant-based biofeedback.

Bio Circuits
Biocircuits are really cool - I got into these back in 1997 and have had some amazing, fantastical experiences with them.  From being used as a passive relaxation device that can help with sleep, to more "interesting" effects... get started with the book on it, available on Amazon:

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