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Energetic Agriculture
Energetic Agriculture Facebook Group

Hey everyone!  In this post I'd like to share with you a place you can go to learn more about electroculture online and learn from others too!  In this particular group, I've opened it up to cover much more than just electroculture as it covers magnetoculture and much much more!  

One of the reasons I created this group is to connect all of the various people who are doing really cool stuff in all sorts of normal and crazy fields as it results to plant and crop science and beyond.  There are many topics that we cover (or hope to cover soon), these include:

  • Electroculture / Electro-horticulture
  • Magnetoculture
  • Biodynamic agriculture
  • Resonant antennas
  • High-voltage electroculture
  • Atmospheric energy collectors
  • Orgone devices
  • Radionic agriculture
  • Subtle energy fields
  • And More!

So, join us on our journey for exploring all the crazy ways that growing plants can be improved!  Check us out at: